TB-AX05 Phone Card Holder

within RM4.50

Minimum Order: 200 pcs

Colour: Green, Yellow, Orange, White, Pink, Blue

Size: 58mm(H) x 95mm(L)

Material: Silicone

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Customize high quality Phone Card Holder with company logo as corporate gifts or premium gifts or door gifts. Peel off the cover of the sticker and stick to your phone back, and finish by softly pressing. Wipe it with a wet towel or tissue.

We also  can use it for the following purposes: 
1) Refrigerator door to hold reminder card 
2) Front door to hold pool card 
3) Car dash to hold tollway card 
4) Car window to hold parking pass card 
5) Computer case or monitor case to hold computer ID card info

Phone Card Holder

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